Tuesday, October 6, 2009

GMC - God, Men & Camping

Myself and a few friends went to a nice quiet spot out in the sticks to shoot guns, fish, and enjoy nature, while having our focus on GOD. We had a couple of good bible studies and got some shooting in, but didn't get a chance to fish because the creek was running really low. It was a fun time and very relaxing.

It was also very exciting, we had a vistor that was very friendly and didn't want to leave until I backed my truck up to where he was and he decided to leave.

And of course we ate really good!


Another kayak trip at the lake

I took a half day off and decided to load up the truck and me & my nephew went out to the lake and enjoyed the rest of the day.

I wasn't sure if he liked it at first.

But then he was doing back flips from the rocks so I figured he was having a pretty good time.

I really enjoyed the rest of the day and we will be going again soon.