Tuesday, October 6, 2009

GMC - God, Men & Camping

Myself and a few friends went to a nice quiet spot out in the sticks to shoot guns, fish, and enjoy nature, while having our focus on GOD. We had a couple of good bible studies and got some shooting in, but didn't get a chance to fish because the creek was running really low. It was a fun time and very relaxing.

It was also very exciting, we had a vistor that was very friendly and didn't want to leave until I backed my truck up to where he was and he decided to leave.

And of course we ate really good!


Another kayak trip at the lake

I took a half day off and decided to load up the truck and me & my nephew went out to the lake and enjoyed the rest of the day.

I wasn't sure if he liked it at first.

But then he was doing back flips from the rocks so I figured he was having a pretty good time.

I really enjoyed the rest of the day and we will be going again soon.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kayaking at the Lake

Went to the lake yesterday but unfortunately the ores didn't follow so I went back home and watched friends on DVD. Went again today and it was fun until the wind picked up and believe it or not there was a head wind on the way out and on the way back in. We stopped at what I dubbed spider island and had lunch, then we decided to go to Pierson cove, where we rested up a bit and then headed back to the marina. We are tired and are back home watching friends on DVD. I can't fall asleep though because the finale of Out of the wild, Alaska experience is on at 10pm tonight. Anyway, here are a couple of pics from today's adventure.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

White Mountains and Pacheta Lake

My friends organized a fishing trip to the White Mountains. 4 guys with 4 days of fishing. It was awesome up there and can't wait to go again in the fall. I didn't have to plan anything and just had to show up with my gear and the guys took care of the rest. It was a great trip!
For a detailed account of this trip please visit my friends blog Steves Blog.
I had a blast and it was fun seeing Nate again and meeting his friend Aaron. Nate gave me some pointers on casting and wouldn't you know it I started casting better with less tangles in my line. Aaron gave me a few tips and I caught a big 16 incher brown as well as another smaller rainbow on the same line. (similar to the picture shown below, but Nate caught those)
Next time though I think I will pack a little better for the trip cause it was cold up there at night and I will definately bring a bigger tent!
<--- Our view from our campsite <--- We saw plenty of wild life <--- Chillin by the fire <--- This is why we went <--- Out on the lake.

The Phoenix Zoo

It was a fun trip to the Phoenix Zoo and I'm glad we did it, but in all honesty I probably wouldn't go back unless I had a child with us. Anyway here are some pics.

I took more video then photos, I will edit the video and post it soon.

Kayaking at Woods Canyon Lake

My wife and I went to the rim to go kayaking and to have some lunch looking out at the forrest. My buddy and his family were hiking in tonto creek and we met up and they tried out the kayaks.
<--- Why is it women kayak better and faster then men? (Hmmm)
After a quick trip to a viewpoint on the rim we went to KFC for dinner.
<--- View from the rim is absolutely breath taking.

Camping Trip To Flagstaff

The wife and I decided to take the dogs and head up to a KOA campsite in Flagstaff. This was the dogs first long trip and my boy loved it, my girl not so much.

<--- As you can see they were a little confused about the process of packing up the car and staying out of Daddy's way while he packed.

We finally arrived at the Campsite and we quickly found out how come we were able to get a campsite 2 days before Memorial day weekend. They had us right by the road and the spot was litterally no bigger then my driveway. But we made do and were bound and determined to have fun. We set up camp and it started to rain. The dogs were really tired and after a quick meal they both drifted off to sleep.
I forgot our tent heater and it quickly started to get colder. After eating dinner a staff member informed me that hail was on the way. Well that's all my wife and I needed to hear. We pack up all of our stuff and got out of there and headed for home, much to the enjoyment of my little girl.