Sunday, June 7, 2009

White Mountains and Pacheta Lake

My friends organized a fishing trip to the White Mountains. 4 guys with 4 days of fishing. It was awesome up there and can't wait to go again in the fall. I didn't have to plan anything and just had to show up with my gear and the guys took care of the rest. It was a great trip!
For a detailed account of this trip please visit my friends blog Steves Blog.
I had a blast and it was fun seeing Nate again and meeting his friend Aaron. Nate gave me some pointers on casting and wouldn't you know it I started casting better with less tangles in my line. Aaron gave me a few tips and I caught a big 16 incher brown as well as another smaller rainbow on the same line. (similar to the picture shown below, but Nate caught those)
Next time though I think I will pack a little better for the trip cause it was cold up there at night and I will definately bring a bigger tent!
<--- Our view from our campsite <--- We saw plenty of wild life <--- Chillin by the fire <--- This is why we went <--- Out on the lake.

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  1. That was a good trip Mike. Good job on catching that 16 incher. Also, have you tried the breath right snoring strips?