Saturday, June 6, 2009

Out Into The Wild

Welcome to my blog. After focusing on work for so long I decided to enjoy life again, here are my adventures.

Before I begin with my adventures, here is a quick explanation as to why I have decided to leave the office and go Out Into The Wild.
I've done a lot in my life. Here are a few of the jobs I've held; welder, Marines Corps, college and was an actor/model (which means I was a good waiter) :-) I've worked for a lawyer, repo company, worked in health care, was a lender and am now and have been a Realtor for some time. I've been married for almost 14 years and for the past 5 years I've buried myself in work. My life became my career and I gained weight and looked bad and felt even worse. I decided to get in shape so I ordered the program on TV called P90X and yes it works. I was so out of shape that it took me 3 months to be able to start the workouts, and the first time I did the workout I threw up. It's been 3 months on P90X and I dropped the weight and can actually do things again which require physical activity.
I've been an all or nothing kind of guy my whole life and maybe it's growth, but I figured out that life is a balance of Faith, Family, Financials & Freedom. Since this isn't a seminar I will not cover the first 3, but this website is dedicated to the last "Freedom". Freedom means: Life enjoyment, I'm sure you've heard the saying what good is making money if you don't spend it? So, what good is life if you don't live it?
I decided to live my life and THIS WEB BLOG WILL BE A RECORD OF ME LIVING LIFE. That is its only purpose.

I can't think of a better place to start then with the program that helped to change my life. P90X. Click the picture to be taken to their website and for a description of the workout program, and since I'm not getting paid to advertise for them we will end the plug here. :-)

(If I have a signal I usually tweet live from where ever I am at so you can experience it with me)

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