Saturday, June 6, 2009

That's right I bought a Kayak! And went to Saguaro Lake.

Went to Saguaro Lake and tried out the Kayak. It's the best thing EVER! I meet a couple of cool peps out on the lake. Exchanged our contact info and they will send me some info on where the best places are to kayak around Arizona. I went out quite a way on the lake. It's a beautiful lake and the cliffs through the canyons seem serreal. It was a very stress free time, just to paddle out and see the sights and meeting the people I met topped my week.
On the way back from the lake I even stopped at a vendor selling jerky on the side of the road. (I never stopped before for any vendor on the side of the road) I am truly glad I did. The man raised and prepared his own meats, the packaging was professionally vacumed sealed and even had a professional logo. We chatted for a while and he explained to me that he had been selling his own jerky for close to 15 years right there in that spot and he gave me a guarantee that if I didn't like it he would buy it back or I could trade it for another type, he was convinced that if I tried it I would become a regular customer. Well I tried it and I believe he was right because that was the best beef jerky I had ever had and I will be back to purchase more. If he has a website I will post it here. The name is J.C. Rivers Jerky.

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